Manpower Outsourcing

Perusahaan Outsourcing di Jakarta Indonesia

Short or Long Term, low, mid to high level

Company needs outsourcing for several reasons. Some need it because they just a startup and no capacity/ capability to manage its statutory. A lot of foreign companies use this service. We help them in early stage & help them grow until they have their own infrastructure.

Other company may need it because they desperately need staffs but they cannot hire them because its policy. We help them solving their problem by providing a suitable outsourcing service.

Others want to focus. They do not want to deal with any HR issue as this is noncore for them. They do not want to hassle with turnover, contract, recruitment, benefit, taxes etc. They believe it is too costly and complicated to manage and trust the expert to help them. In this service, we will not deduct anything from the employee since we only take assignments from client.

Commitment To Quality

 We have adopted ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18000:2007 in our operation.

We are among a few companies that commit with quality, safety & health. We are certified by DQS Germany for both standards.

This has ensured that we have a clear SOP in managing our business and serve our clients.