Massive or Individual Recruitment

Recruitment is always challenged issue when company expanding. Hiring the staff in short-period is tough because mostly the company is not designed for quick/fast recruitment. Company is designed to focus serve customers. Your HR is usually lack to hire a massive and quick staff. They are more focus in other critical HR matters.

Let us help you in recruitment.  Hiring people is our expertise. We continually expand our reach across Indonesia by building our branches. So we can help your need for local worker. Our recruitment team will help your company to identify, select and place the right professionals both for permanent and/or temporary.


We have adopted ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18000:2007 in our operation.

We are among a few companies that commit with quality, safety & health. We are certified by DQS Germany for both standards.

This has ensured that we have a clear SOP in managing our business and serve our clients.