It was often encountered that training was already good with participants who were very satisfied with the material provided and with trainers who were skilled at “turning on” the class, apparently had no impact on the expected changes when participants returned to work.

Participants stated that the system or organization at work did not support the expected change. Therefore, training as an event, cannot stand alone to make changes. Support from organizations or leaders to facilitate change. The work system must also be compatible and if necessary provide the necessary budget so that changes to be implemented can occur. We offer programs with a holistic approach to ensure changes can occur in the company.

Our program combines consultation, assessment and training. The program starts from consultation identifying the target behavior that you want to change. Our 360 assessment can be used to help validate priority needs. After the change needs are formulated, identification is carried out on what treatment and facilitation of the organization and system needs to be carried out including the budget that needs to be prepared. Finally, the implementation of the training itself results in tangible changes in the workplace


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